Bike Rental Algarve

Terms & Conditions

Grape Ventures B.V., operator of,,,

1. A rental day consists 8h from 9am until  5pm. If the bicycle is not returned by the end of the rental time, we reserve the right to charge a additional total daily rental.

1.1. The rental prices valid at the time in question are displayed on our website

1.2. Extension of the rental is only possible by agreement with

1.3. The rental price and the subsidiary payments shall be made online through our website and/or by credit card.

1.4. The Security Deposit can be paid online and/or by credit card only.

2. The borrower shall receive the bicycle in a technically flawless and clean condition safe for use in road traffic. Defects shall be reported without delay.

2.1. Damages (scratches, paint bursting or damage between pedal arm and frame due to wrong shifting / chain suck/ jump etc.) will be charged to the renter.

2.2. The city cruiser and city hopper only  be used on paved roads, gravel roads and paths without exception.

2.3. Attachement of a frame bag is not allowed.

2.4. Please clarify with your accommodation before you book, if there is secure storage of the bikes.

3. We only hire our bicycles against presentation of a personal identity card/passport and a security deposit as listed on our website This deposit is reimbursed in the event of proper, clean and complete return of the bicycle. . If the borrower has not yet turned 18, bicycles are only provided with the signature of a statutory representative or of an adult supervising person.

3.1. Normal cleaning is included in the rental price. If a bicycle which is dirty above the standard extent is returned, 10 Euro shall be charged for the cleaning. Use of the bicycles in sand (beach) is forbidden.

3.2. The borrower undertakes to use the bicycle carefully, so that the next borrower is also given a flawless bicycle. Damage to the bicycle shall be reported without delay, by written form only.

3.3. Theft of the bicycle and/or parts (e.g. lock, bag) are not insured. Also damage to the bicycle caused by negligence or wilful damage or improper use shall be borne by the hirer.  The replacement value of the bicycle or spare parts and the associated loss will be charged. We highly recommend you to take out a travel insurance.

4. Upon reservations of bicycles and accessories, the renter required a 100% prepayment. You can pay this online and you will receive automatically a confirmation. If the reserved date is not fulfilled by the customer, then there will be no refund of the deposit paid.

5. The customer can obtain a 100% refund when cancelled at least 48 hours before the start of the booking by written form only. In the case of a cancellation less than 48 hours, the customer won’t receive any refund.

6. At the start of your rental, we will ask your for a deposit or something valuable to leave. This will be returned by returning your bicycles.

6.1. Helmets are mandatory on all electric bikes rented. We request that all borrowers wear a helmet as protection against head injuries and comply with the provisions of the Portuguese highway code.

7. For a safe transportaition in the car, a spaceous trunk (at least a Stationwagon) must be present. The back seats need to be complete free and foldable. A nine seater Transpoter is not suitable unless the seats are taken out. 2 Bikes can not be transported laying on top of each other! No wheel is allowed to be removed. This is the only way to maintain the correct gear setting and the rear derailleur not to be damaged. When the bike has to be transported standing, then both wheels must remain attached to the bike.

8. and affiliated companies shall not be liable for damage (personal injury & property damage) incurred by the borrower or third parties as a result of the use. The use and the sporting activity or participation and training with the bicycle shall be at your own risk. Participation in sporting events shall only be admissible with express written consent from and affiliated companies. and affiliated companies expressly rejects any claim to recourse.

9. Place of performance and place of  jurisdiction for both parties shall be Amsterdam, The Netherlands

10. Our General Terms and Conditions of Business shall apply exclusively.

11.  The hirer reserves the right to terminate the contractual relationship prematurely and to demand return at and time without reimbursement of the rental if the bicycle is used improperly or resp. or non-compliance with the general terms, kiability and conditions of service.